Design IP 3 | Gordon Geiger, Eric Stoye & Tom Weber | 4th semester | summer semester 2021

The task is to design a greenhouse with restaurant and lounging areas on the roof of the "Hofdienergarage" in Stuttgart. A structural forest that is both efficient and provides a great spatial experience is the concept idea. Efficiency is achieved through "vertical farming", which is operated in the V-columns. At the same time, the shape of the supports is reminiscent of a forest, which has a strong spatial effect due to its height and filigree.

While researching the topic of "Vertical Farming", we noticed that this concept offers a very sustainable method of cultivation, especially in cities, but it is still rare to find.

Therefore, our building is intended as a pilot project that proves the lucrativeness of such systems. The result is a modular building of a variable size, which is composed of a few prefabricated parts and can be quickly assembled and disassembled at many locations. Thus, the construction of such a farm does not have to mean the loss of public spaces, but can even give them new added value.

Simple but appealing architecture can be used to create a space that benefits visitors as a place to relax, while also allowing for the sustainable cultivation of vegetables.

The project won the 2nd prize in the student development award "0711 Contest 2021", offered by the "Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg".

The work was supervised by Professors Lutz Dickmann, Peter Schlaier and Juri Troy.