The Candidate Experience Cycle of HFT Stuttgart


The University of Applied Sciences (HFT) Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg is distinguished by many years of solid research experience in the subject areas "Future-oriented planning, building and management" as well as "Smart technologies, processes and methods". The profile of the university “climate-literate, resilient and connected” indicates the future strategic orientation and links teaching, practice, research and transfer across all departments. The interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems and developing feasible solutions is common practice. Therefore, professors utilize laboratory setups that are specialized to accommodate a variety of fields offered at the HFT Stuttgart. The strategic orientation of the university also poses new challenges for personnel recruitment: a need for action is emerging in regards to recruiting suitable candidates who, in addition to their professional aptitude, should also contribute to shaping a transfer-oriented, inter- and transdisciplinary environment. To develop and test new approaches the creation of appropriate, new frameworks are in order. Furthermore, it is important to align the university’s employer profile with future-oriented topics for effective establishment in the labor market. Integrated into the "HFT Candidate Experience Cycle" (Hire) and supplemented by personnel strategy monitoring, measures for the recruitment and development of professorial staff can be coordinated in the future, realized on a demands and needs basis.

Scientific approach and methods

The need for action at HFT Stuttgart will be addressed by means of two sub-projects (Teilvorhaben, TV). The focus of TV 1 is on supporting and qualifying junior staff. The new ways to prepare for a professorship at a university of applied sciences tie in with the university's research strengths: in the Graduate Academy, currently in planning, the integration of external cooperation partners will enable practice-oriented research in the university's areas of expertise. The focus of the Graduate Academy will be on the integrated doctoral program as well as research cooperation and gaining teaching experience at HFT Stuttgart in conjunction with an individualized support program to prepare for a professorship at a university of applied sciences.

In TV 2, employer branding is to be developed based on the strategic orientation of the university, which enables a positive differentiation from competitors and addresses applicants specifically. Supplemented by innovative networking and exchange formats as well as a modern communication strategy, new possibilities for recruiting staff will open up for the university. A personnel strategy monitoring system and the integration of all measures into the "HFT Candidate Experience Cycle" ensure the sustainable and needs-oriented adaptation of the recruitment and development of professorial staff.

Targeted results

Within the framework of TV 1, a Graduate Academy with an integrated doctoral program as well as a support program to prepare for an HAW professorship is to be established.

TV 2 aims to optimize the recruitment and development of professorial staff. This will be achieved by implementing the "HFT Candidate Experience Cycle" and strengthening the university's employer profile.


Gesamtprojekt und TV4: Theresa Krinke, Prof. Dr. Katja Rade

TV1:  Prof. Dr. Volker Coors
          Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Gülch 
          Prof. Dr. Ursula Voß
          Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berndt Zeitler
          Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp


Kooperatives Promotionskolleg mit der Universität Stuttgart mit dem Themenschwerpunkt einer nachhatligen, energieeffizienten und ressourcenschonenden Gestaltung resilienter Lebensräume.

Grant No.03FHP206
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Programme Bund-Länder-Programm „FH-Personal"



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Rektorin+49 711 8926 2664 1/118
Prorektor Forschung und Digitalisierung+49 711 8926 2663 1/121
Professor+49 711 8926 2610 2/208
Professorin+49 711 8926 2616 8/3.51
Professorin, Projektprüfungsamt Mathematik/BPS+49 711 8926 2814 2/318
Professor / IAF Direktorium / Akustikgruppe+49 711 8926 2507 7/104
Talent Managerin/Projektleiterin HIRE+49 711 8926 2972 5/0.89
Leiterin Graduiertenakademie+49 711 8926 2426 5/0.68
Brand Managerin+49 711 8926 2427 0.89
Akademische Mitarbeiterin+49 711 8926 2320 344