HFT startup wants to revolutionize the world of measurement methods

The startup PrintToScan receives a coveted EXIST Founder Grant of €125,000 for a newly developed measurement process.

Marcel Grießhaber, Hannes Plott and Adrian Schäffler have been working together on a complete solution for digitizing object shapes. With a new measurement process, they are helping CAD users in companies to digitize physical components quickly and cost-effectively. To do this, the team has developed its own measurement system, including software. "We want to revolutionize the world of measurement processes with this," the three founders confidently declare.

With the help of the EXIST start-up grant, they will be tackling the next steps from July 2022. These include the further development and evaluation of the prototype with the first pilot customers and the development of a sustainable business model. After the pilot phase, the aim is to produce a release-to-manufacturing version of the product in the near future, which will then be distributed to customers by the founded company form. Prof. Dr. Eberhard Gülch, who also supervised Marcel Grießhaber's master's thesis, provides support in the area of technical product development. In the area of business model development, they are supported by Elena Schön from PLAN G, the start-up center at HFT Stuttgart. Through funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, they receive a monthly stipend as well as a budget for purchases.

Marcel and Hannes received the technical basics in their Bachelor's degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics, and in their Master's degree in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics. Adrian studied International Management at the University of Hohenheim. With their first product idea, the team went through the incubator program STARTPLAN from the HFT start-up initiative PLAN G. Under the motto "in eight weeks to a start-up", they fleshed out their idea, built prototypes and validated their idea through contacts with initial customers. At each step, they were supported by experienced mentors and were also able to meet a successful founder every week. The founders' conclusion: "Thanks to STARTPLAN, we know that successful innovation requires more than just a functioning technology. In the sessions, you learn to approach potential customers and users." And this experience is paying off: having already won the Technology Award at the ASAP BW state competition, they are now looking forward to their first contacts with pilot customers and the EXIST start-up grant.

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Publish date: 15. July 2022 By Elena Schön ()