Study Variant Mathe² - Work&Study

The HFT offers you an attractive course of study with basic mathematical training and insights into the practical application of mathematical methods. The courses in the two specializations Algortihm Engineering and Financial and Actuarial Mathematics prepare students optimally for their future professional life.

Application deadline

15 January (summer semester)
July 15 (winter semester)

Study time

7 Semester inkl. 1 Praxis-Semester

Study title

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Master study courses

Programm Mathematics

Why study mathematics?

If you enjoy solving problems, juggling with numbers and working on tricky tasks, then studying mathematics gives you the chance to do so. A study of mathematics teaches structural thinking! Pure knowledge transfer of facts that will soon be outdated only plays a subordinate role here. It is much more important to acquire methods to quickly adapt to new problems. Mathematicians have excellent career prospects in attractive fields. A problem to grasp in its core and to solve it in a structured way is demanded and highly appreciated by employers.

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What distinguishes our successful mathematics students

  • Fun with mathematical questions and solution-oriented thinking
  • Interest in looking at things from different perspectives
  • Comprehensive team skills
  • Strong stamina

Our offer

  • seven application and career-oriented semesters
  • the only practice-oriented Bachelor's degree in mathematics at a HAW in Baden-Württemberg
  • exciting company contacts
  • Semester abroad, foreign languages and many other soft skills for the curriculum vitae

We pick up our students where they stand!

  1. For a good start to your studies we offer:
    • Preparation week for first semester students
    • Math bridge course
    • Maths orientation test
    • English placement test
  2. For a successful study we offer you:
    • different tutorials
    • Innovative teaching forms and contents - continuously adapted to the requirements of practice
    • Inverted Classrooms
    • Online tests
    • targeted exam preparation courses
    • an internship semester for first contacts in the economy
    • Maths² - a study variant with a contract for work and labour for optimal financing of studies
    • Math sponsorships with teachers
  3. After the Bachelor's degree
    • We offer a consecutive Master's programme in Mathematics with specialisations in Industrial Geometry and Financial and Actuarial Mathematics.
    • As a graduate of the HFT Stuttgart, many future-oriented professional fields await you already with your Bachelor's degree. Stuttgart is the right starting point for your start in professional life, a strong location for the insurance, finance and automotive industries and with a stock exchange that is among the top ten in Europe.

In contrast to universities, they learn in manageable groups with personal contact to the teaching staff. In addition to the lectures, there are tutorials and additional support by assistants. The course of studies is supplemented by lectures in computer science and business administration, as well as language courses and presentation training. Through the one-semester supervised practical study project, which is an integral part of your studies, you will gain a deeper insight into everyday working life and already have contact with a possible future employer.

The department encourages and supports you in preparing and planning a semester abroad. For this purpose, contacts are maintained with partner universities worldwide. After you have successfully completed your Bachelor's degree, our Master's programme in Mathematics is open to you for further qualification. Take advantage of the opportunity to study mathematics at the only University of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg with Bachelor and Master programmes!

The Study

From the financial sector, industry and software development to modern communication and Internet technologies: mathematicians are needed and urgently sought after in all sectors. With us you have the choice: You can choose to focus on financial and actuarial mathematics or industrial mathematics in your Bachelor's degree.

Basic Study

In the first two semesters, basic contents of mathematics and computer science are taught. The basic study period is completed with the preliminary Bachelor examination.


Part 1 of the Main Studies

In the main study period, in addition to in-depth lectures in mathematics and computer science from the basic study period, lectures from the chosen specialisation are taken.

The final bachelor's thesis consists of the processing of an application-related task from the fields of mathematics or the chosen specialisation. Due to the good contacts of the Mathematics degree programme with industry and business, a large part of the final theses are written in companies.


Supervised Practical Study Project (BPS)

The course is complemented by the supervised practical study project, in which the theoretical knowledge acquired previously is put into practice and deepened. The supervised practical study project is carried out in a company at home or abroad.


Part 2 of the Main Studies

Various tutorials with innovative teaching methods and content are offered, which are continuously adapted to the requirements of practice, as well as targeted exam preparation courses.

The final bachelor thesis in the 7th semester includes the processing of an application-related task from the fields of mathematics or the chosen specialisation. Due to the good contacts of the Mathematics degree programme with industry and business, a large part of the final theses are written in companies.




Financial and Actuarial Mathematics


Algorithm Engineering

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

In addition to the classical mathematics studies, you will learn in the field of Financial and Acturial Mathematics, for example, the basics of

  • Evaluation of investment risks, loans and financial products
  • Risk calculation in risk management
  • Valuation of portfolios of an insurance company and premiums
  • Calculation of insurance premiums

There are particularly good career prospects in the banking, insurance, management consultancy and IT companies with a corresponding orientation.


Algorithm Engineering

You choose the area of Algorithm Engineering. Here the focus is on the

  • Combination of geometry and IT skills for realistic and detailed computer graphics and virtual reality applications
  • Development and generation of efficient production processes
  • Calculation of all kinds of algorithms, for example, to generate accurate suggestions for social networks or search engines

Exciting professional fields of activity lie in the development, testing or quality assurance of industrial companies, management consultancies and IT companies.

Study option Mathe²-Work&Study

Logo Studienzweig Mathe²-Work&Study

It means

  • Studying with a contract as a working student
  • Secure and adequate student financing
  • Optimal combination of studies and practice
  • Integration into a company from the beginning of the study

The aim is

to provide a solid mathematical education in pure and applied mathematics and in addition to that further knowledge in the minor subject computer science as well as one of our specializations. The choice is between financial and actuarial mathematics or industrial mathematics.

Basic Study

For students of the study branch Mathe²-Work&Study the basic study period consists of three semesters, because during this time they can already work in a cooperating company and deepen their knowledge in practice.


Main Studies

In the main study period, students take lectures in the chosen specialisation in addition to in-depth lectures in mathematics and computer science. Students of the Maths²-WorkStudy course of study determine the area of specialisation by choosing the company.

The final bachelor's thesis consists of the processing of an application-related task from the fields of mathematics or the chosen specialisation. Due to the good contacts of the Mathematics degree programme with industry and business, a large part of the final theses are written in companies.


Participating companies for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Participating companies for Algorithm Engineering

Application & admission

The application for the Bachelor's programme in Mathematics is done online.

Prerequisite for admission is the certificate of the general higher education entrance qualification, the subject-related higher education entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

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International experience

For students, it is more important than ever to acquire additional qualifications through their own experience abroad during their studies. So they can be abroad

  • either a study semester
  • and/or the supervised practical study project
  • and/or do your thesis there.


Our partner universities

The University of Newcastle (Australia) offers two tuition-free places per year for HFT students, to which mathematics students can also apply.

Contact person

Annegret Weng
Annegret Weng +49 711 8926 2730


Trained mathematicians can expect a wide range of attractive positions in almost all fields of work. They work in the following areas, among others:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Logistics
  • Medical Technology
  • Software development
  • Technical research and development
  • Management consultancy
  • Insurance and banking industry

In addition, the Bachelor's degree entitles the holder to enter the Master's programme in Mathematics. This prepares for leadership and development tasks and opens the door to higher service. After successful completion of the course, there are a wide range of job opportunities with very good career prospects in banks and insurance companies, building societies, IT and telecommunications companies, statistical offices, research and development departments of industry and commercial enterprises as well as software houses and management consultancies. The Master's degree qualifies for a possible doctorate.