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HFT start-up PrintToScan wins Technology Award

A team from the Master Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics was successful in the state competition "Start-up BW ASAP" against 25 competitors.

As part of the "Start-up BW ASAP" competition, 28 finalists competed in seven different categories. Among them were three teams from HFT Stuttgart, who had previously completed the HFT's own incubator program STARTPLAN of the PLAN G start-up initiative.

The Start-up BW Academic Seed Accelerator Program  (ASAP) is a state-wide competition for the best start-up ideas from all Baden-Württemberg universities. It aims to motivate students to advance and implement the creative ideas they develop during their studies into business models. A total of 120 teams from 25 universities and colleges applied. 28 of them made it to the finals and were allowed to present themselves on a big virtual stage. They had 90 seconds to convince the jury of themselves and their idea. Among them were the three HFT teams: improveMID, lawable and PrintToScan. To the great joy of the participants, all three teams won in one category each.

Students of the Master Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics won the TECHNOLOGY AWARD with their team PrintToScan!

The presentation of PrintToScan starts in the video below at minute 52:43!

What is PrintToScan?

"With a new measurement process, we help CAD users in companies to digitize physical components quickly and cost-effectively. We have developed our own measurement system including software for this purpose."

Who is behind PrintToScan?

Marcel Grießhaber, Hannes Plott and Robin Härtl are studying for a Master's degree in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics. They have already invented a new measurement method in the Bachelor's degree program in Surveying and Geoinformatics and have been developing it further ever since. Currently, they have produced a prototype with hardware and software components with which they have already carried out several successful tests at the first pilot customers. Adrian Schäffler recently joined the team. He is studying business administration at the University of Hohenheim and is helping to develop the idea into a viable business model.

What is the next step with PrintToScan?

With their prize money of €500 they can further develop their prototype. PrintToScan will be applying for an Exist start-up grant, so their prize - an Exist consultancy - is a perfect fit.

Instagram @printtoscan Website: printtoscan

How is PrintToScan supported by the HFT?

Three of the team members received the technical basics in their Bachelor's degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics, as well as in their Master's degree in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics. During the technical development of the measurement system, PrintToScan was professionally advised by Prof. Gülch. In addition, the team went through the incubator program STARTPLAN from the HFT start-up initiative PLAN G. Under the motto "in eight weeks to a start-up", they fleshed out their idea, built prototypes and validated their idea through contacts with initial customers. In each step, they were supported by experienced mentors and were also able to meet a successful founder every week. PrintToScan is financially supported by the M4_LAB (Innovative University Project) with a start-up grant for the development of ideas.

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Publish date: 24. February 2021