Gruppenbild der Workshop-Teilnehmer vor New Yorker Skyline

Excursion to the USA and Puerto Rico

Full success in the NeMDa workshop in NYC and Rincon

As part of the NeMDa project (New Methods of Data Processing in the Water-Energy Nexus), a workshop between New York University (NYU) and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences took place from 23.05 - 27.05.2022. Four students from the HFT Stuttgart travelled together to New York to network with the workshop participants and present their work. They were accompanied by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sonja Bauer and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Pape.

The first part of the workshop took the HFT students of the Bachelor Surveying and Geoinformatics to NYU. Here the work was presented and first contacts were made. Background of the work were new methods of data processing in the water-energy nexus. Of course, the exploration of New York City was not left out for the workshop participants, so the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, the visit of the NYU library and the visit of a baseball game were activities that were undertaken together.

The second part of the workshop took place in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Here, the focus was on the visit to the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus and the presentation by Eric Harmsen, Ph.D.. Roy A. Armstrong, Ph.D. taught the workshop participants about his work in the Department of Marine Sciences. Part of his work involves conducting surveys of coral reefs, seagrasses, and mangroves using remote sensing. He gave the participants interesting insights into the topic, as well as into the sensor technology of his work.

During the visit to Mayagüez, methods were discussed on how to prevent location-related heavy rainfall. What methods can be applied, as well as their impact on such natural influences. Likewise, Eric Hamsen, PH.D. and one of his students gave the participants interesting insights into the devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria and the problem areas during such natural events.

Publish date: 11. July 2022 By Studienbereich Vermessung ()