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Please note: A scholarship application is only possible once a year! Master's students who have applied for a scholarship in the winter semester 2023 can only apply again in the winter semester 2024.

Application Information


Applications are accepted via HFT-Wiki only: Application - Stipendien - Studium (

Application form is open from 20.03. to 17.04. 12 p.m.



  • Online application form (HF T-Wiki)
  • Letter of motivation + curriculum vitae
  • Certificate of university entrance qualification
  • Master students: Bachelor's transcript
  • Current matriculation certificate
  • Current overview of grades
  • Voluntary documents

What´s new in 2024?

  • Online application takes place exclusively in Confluence
  • Stronger networking between sponsors and scholarship holders
  • Master Students: Announcement 1 x year
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Important Information

Funding-Criteria of the Scholarship Awarding

The HFT Stuttgart awards its scholarships according to four criteria. Applicants apply specifically for two criteria.

These four criteria are available for selection:

Above-average performances

Students who achieve excellent results at HFT Stuttgart can apply for the criterion of "Above-average performance". Prizes, awards and special successes also count here.

Freshmen can score in this category with a very good school leaving certificate.


Students in special life situations

Many students are in special circumstances and need financial support for their studies. The criterion "Students in special life situations" is as diverse as our student body and combines numerous backgrounds why a student applies for a scholarship:

  • Special personal background
  • Special family situation
  • Illness (own or of a family member)
  • Disability (own or of a family member)
  • Care of relatives
  • Financing of studies through part-time jobs
  • Financing of studies through BAföG, student loans, etc.
  • Second tuition fees
  • Tuition fees for international students

Volunteer work

Many students are politically, ecologically, socially, ecclesiastically or socially engaged alongside their studies or work voluntarily in clubs and associations. The HFT Stuttgart honors this commitment with the funding criterion "Volunteer work".


Special talents

Students with special talents in the field of sports, music, art, etc. have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship from the "Special talents" funding criterion. The talent should be above the general average, e.g. participation in national athletic competitions or orchestra competitions. The talents can be very diverse.


Scholarship FAQs

Who can apply for a scholarship at the HFT Stuttgart:

  • Summer semester: all enrolled students can apply for a scholarship, regardless of their course of study and number of semesters
  • Winter Semester: just master students can apply for a scholarship, regardless of their course of study and number of semesters


In the application form, you fill in basic personal data and provide information that may be relevant for a scholarship. In addition, you have the option of ticking off sponsors subdivided according to degree programmes. Please use this option to indicate your interests.

letter of motivation: The content of the letter of motivation is particularly highly valued as there are no selection interviews. The reason for applying for a scholarship should be clearly stated in this letter. It is also advisable to briefly describe your personal life situation.

Resume with photo: Please print the photo on the resume.

The certificate of university entrance qualification is the Abitur or Fachhochschule certificate (or similar).

Applicants for a Master's programme must enclose their Bachelor's degree certificate.

All applicants who are already studying at the HFT Stuttgart must enclose their current certificate of enrolment for the summer semester and a current grade sheet. First year students submit the certificate of enrolment after the acceptance of a study place.

Voluntary documents: Applicants who volunteer can enclose proof of their commitment. Job references, training certificates, certificates of further education, etc. can also supplement the application documents. Please do not enclose any language certificates from the Didaktikzentrum of the HFT Stuttgart.

Please hand in your application documents in a transparent film open to one side. Application folders are not required!

Please do not submit certified copies! Simple copies that you can make yourself are sufficient.


Scholarships that are awarded on the basis of performance and do not exceed a subsidy amount of 300.00 euros per month may not be credited against BAföG, child benefit or other social benefits such as ALG II according to the legislator. Students can therefore take advantage of both funding options at the same time without any deductions. A crediting will only take place if a total amount corresponding to a monthly average of 300.00 euros is exceeded by the simultaneous receipt of other scholarships.

Both the German scholarships and the majority of the scholarships of the Studienstiftung der HFT Stuttgart are awarded on the basis of performance. Therefore they may not be counted as income.

However, the usual principles of capital accumulation apply to accumulated scholarship funds, i.e. the credit-free limit does not increase when a scholarship is drawn.


The scholarship celebration of the HFT Stuttgart takes place once a year in mid-November. The networking of the scholarship holders with the sponsors is in the foreground. All scholarship holders are obliged to participate in the celebration.


  1. Joint photo with all scholarship holders
  • Meeting place: 5.30 pm on the ground floor of building 1

       2. Official start from 6 pm in the auditorium

  • Procedure: Welcome - Scholarship holder's greeting - Key note speaker/impulse lecture - Standing reception with flying buffet and cocktail bar

The scholarship holders and their sponsors are assigned to bar tables together. During the standing reception there is the possibility to be photographed with your own sponsors. The photos will be forwarded to the companies.

Since it is a festive event, we recommend festive clothing.

In principle, students who receive a scholarship at the HFT Stuttgart must inform the university whether they also receive financial support in the form of a scholarship or similar from another source. Whether a double sponsorship is possible has to be decided in each individual case and depends on the amount and type of sponsorship. In principle, the following applies: Those who already receive a material sponsorship dependent on talent and performance, which averages 30.00 euros or more per month, cannot receive a German scholarship or a scholarship from the Studienstiftung of the HFT Stuttgart. A detailed tabular overview of the admissibility of receiving other scholarships at the same time as the Germany scholarship can be found here:

All scholarships are generally awarded for two semesters and start on September 01 (exceptions are possible). They end on 31 August of the following year. Acceptance of the scholarships is granted on condition that the scholarship holders continue their studies in the next two semesters. If the studies end before 31 August, the scholarship also ends prematurely on the day of de-registration. Scholarship holders are obliged to pass on this information to the Student Support Office in good time.

Students who are only studying at the university for one semester can receive a scholarship for one semester. The university is looking for a successor for the second semester.

Exception: In the course of study in foundation/tunnelling, scholarships are awarded for both the winter and summer semesters. This means that the terms of the scholarships are postponed.

The acquisition of the scholarships as well as the handling of the awarding process means a great deal of effort for the HFT Stuttgart. It is therefore expected of the scholarship holders that they fulfil the few obligations that a scholarship entails without being asked.

The obligations towards the university are set out in writing in a scholarship agreement and are signed by the scholarship holders:

  • Participation in the scholarship holders' celebration in mid-November
  • Reports: Writing an interim and final report on the significance of the scholarship for the scholarship holder's personal situation
  • Notification of the Office of Student Support in the event of a change of university, de-registration, graduation, termination of studies, or completion of the last academic year

Important: The timely submission of both reports is mandatory. Scholarship holders are required to meet the deadlines and send the reports by e-mail to the Student Support Office. The HFT Stuttgart reserves the right to withhold or reclaim part of the financial support in case of non-compliance with the deadlines.

By applying for a scholarship, applicants confirm the correctness and completeness of their details. If false information is provided, the scholarship can be revoked retroactively and already received financial support can be reclaimed in whole or in part.

Since the scholarship holders represent the HFT Stuttgart to their sponsors, a polite appearance towards the sponsors is naturally assumed.

Gifted scholarships as well as foundations and associations support students with outstanding achievements financially and ideally in their education. In Germany there are 13 funding agencies that award scholarships to students and doctoral candidates. Depending on the organization for the promotion of gifted students, the support is based on various criteria, which can be of a general, political or religious nature. In addition to the organisations for the promotion of gifted students, the following list includes other foundations and institutions that are involved in student support:

Gesellschaftliche Förderwerke

Förderung für Studierenden mit Berufsausbildung

Dr. Arthur Pfungst-Stipendium
Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden

Dr. Jost Henkel Stiftung
Förderung von begabten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden
Ein Online-Stipendium und Karrierenetzwerk. Keine direkte finanzielle Unterstützung

Förderverein Kurt Fordan
Förderung von begabten Studierenden

Studierendenwerk des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes. Fördert begabte, engagierte und finanziell bedürftige Studierende

Reemtsma Begabtenförderungswerk
Förderung von begabten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden

Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine wirtschaftsnahe Stiftung

Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes e.V.
Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Vertrauensdozent: Prof. Dr. Bastian Schröter

Studierendenwerk Stuttgart
Übernahme des Semesterbeitrags für finanziell bedürftige Studierende: Semesterbeitragsstipendium

Konfessionelle Förderwerke

Avicenna Studienwerk
Förderung für muslimische Studierende

Förderung für katholische Studierende

Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES)
Förderung von jüdischen Studierenden

Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V.  
Förderung von evangelischen Studierenden. Vertrauensdozent: Prof. Dr. Karl Degen

Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst (KAAD)
Stipendienwerk für katholische ausländische Studierende aus Entwicklungs- oder Schwellenländern

Parteinahe Förderwerke

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V.
Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (SPD)

Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (FDP)

Förderung von begabten und gesellschaftlich engagierten Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (CSU)

Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e.V.
Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (CDU)

Förderung von begabten, engagierten und finanziell bedürftigen Studierenden. Sie ist eine parteinahe Stiftung (DIE LINKE)

Study programmes that have not acquired their own company scholarships will be considered for the award of free scholarships. These scholarships are funded by foundations, associations and private individuals. Insights into a company in the form of a working student activity or internship are therefore not possible with free scholarships. However, an exchange with the respective sponsor is very welcome at the scholarship holders' party.

Since these scholarships are distributed among all study courses at the HFT Stuttgart, only a small number of students per course can be supported with free scholarships.


The German scholarship and a scholarship from the Studienstiftung of the HFT Stuttgart have no effect on the contribution to the statutory health insurance as long as the scholarship holders are compulsorily insured in the statutory health insurance (usually until the end of the 14th semester or the 30th year of age). The case is different for voluntarily insured members. Here the legislator has prescribed the levying of minimum contributions. This contribution is calculated on the basis of an assessment basis. A scholarship is included in this amount as income. Everything above this amount means a higher health insurance contribution.

It is advisable for every scholarship holder to inform his/her health insurance company that he/she has received a scholarship.

Recipients of housing allowance must note that the Germany scholarship, like other scholarships, is taken into account halfway through the calculation of the annual income. If you have any further questions about scholarships and housing allowances, please contact your local housing allowance office.

All scholarship holders can apply for a new scholarship. This means that all students at the HFT Stuttgart have the same chance of receiving a scholarship every year. The application deadline must be met urgently, there is no extended deadline for alumni scholarship holders.

The following updated documents must be submitted for a renewed application:

  • Application form
  • Letter of motivation
  • Resume with photo
  • sheet of music
  • Current documents such as job references etc. that have not yet been submitted


The scholarships of the HFT Stuttgart are always awarded at the beginning of the summer semester. The application period begins in the week of the start of lectures and usually lasts five weeks.

Scholarships are awarded for the following winter semester.

When submitting their scholarship application, applicants give their consent that personal data may be processed by the HFT Stuttgart as part of the selection procedure and, if necessary, passed on to the persons involved in the procedure. Applicants also expressly agree that - in the event of a scholarship being awarded - their contact details may be passed on to the sponsor of their scholarship and their name and course of study may be published in the means of communication of the HFT Stuttgart. The consent to be signed at the time of application can be revoked in writing at any time with effect for the future and the stored data can be deleted. However, further participation in the scholarship application process is no longer possible once the data has been deleted.

The HFT Stuttgart requires the consent under data protection law in order to be allowed to print photos and names of scholarship holders in the university media and to forward photos of the scholarship holders' celebration to the sponsors. The signature is voluntary and can be revoked in writing at any time at the Student Support Office.

The HFT Stuttgart would like to offer its scholarship holders the opportunity to participate in a programme especially for sponsored students. This was already possible in the past. These events should correspond to the guidelines of the HFT Stuttgart and have a practical orientation with concrete benefits for all those involved.

In the past, scholarship holders have been involved in the areas of environmental management, mentoring programme for first semester students and family-friendly university. In addition, events such as "Job Talks" have led to a networking of scholarship holders with interesting graduates and sponsors. Speakers from various fields of work presented their career paths to date and gave career tips.

Participation in the events and involvement in the projects is voluntary. However, they can only take place if a certain number of scholarship holders agree to participate. If scholarship holders have ideas for projects, they can discuss and coordinate them with the Student Support Office. The projects should have a connection to the HFT. Invitations to Job Talks are issued by the Student Support Office. 

All scholarships awarded at the HFT Stuttgart have been obtained from companies, offices and foundations specifically for this purpose. The majority of sponsors award scholarships to get to know the best and most committed students at the HFT Stuttgart and to inspire them for their companies and offices. Therefore, they are very interested in getting in contact with the scholarship holders and offering them, in addition to financial support, offers such as working student activities, internships, support for dissertations, further education or company visits.

Since all sponsors and scholarship holders receive the respective contact details, contact can be established from both sides at any time. A list of current sponsors can be found here.

German Scholarship

The German scholarships are transferred monthly (300.00 Euro/month), for the first time at the end of October with retroactive effect for September. The transfers are then always made at the end of the previous month, most recently at the end of July for the funding month of August.

Foundation of the HFT Stuttgart

The amount of the Studienstiftung's scholarships is transferred once a semester, the first time at the end of October. The second scholarship amount is transferred at the end of May of the following year.

A one-off payment of the total amount of the scholarship is not possible.

During a semester of leave of absence, regardless of the reasons, both scholarship programmes will no longer be paid. However, the grant period can be extended by the duration of the leave of absence. The decision to do so lies with the university management.

There is no extension for the following cases: Leave of absence for a voluntary semester abroad or for a voluntary internship.

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