Special elective | Bachelor and Master programmes of the faculty | Nina Pfeiffer, Onno Boecker | summer semester 2020

The small Ghanaian village of Agbenoxoe is situated on the largest inland lake in the world, Lake Volta, and was chosen as the location for a first prototype backpacker hotel in the hinterland of Ghana. Above all, the special climatic conditions and the unique vegetation play a major role in the design. The hotel is planned to be built almost entirely of brick masonry. This site-specific material allows for a massive construction that stores the enormous heat during the day and releases it into the environment at low temperatures at night. The special feature of the hotel is that it has a wide range of differentiated locations within the walls. A striking fire-red flame tree in the inner courtyard of the complex allows for shady places in a green meadow. The gastronomy area, which is open to the inner courtyard, invites you to enjoy a cool drink. Fireplaces and seating niches are intended to encourage people to get to know each other among the backpackers. The hotel rooms are kept simple with a minimized choice of materials and are ventilated crosswise through openings in the masonry.

The work was supervised by Prof. Benno Bauer and Prof. Stefan Zimmermann.