MetamorphoCity - Summer School 2022
The experimental and playful redesign, the metamorphosis of structural relics of changing and outdated forms of mobility was the focus of the Summer School 2022. 19 participants from a total of 7 countries shared the vision of creating a resilient living space for people. Three concrete non-places in Stuttgart became the playful experimental field for this.
The group work in workshops was thematically complemented by excursions in Stuttgart and the surrounding area, visits to exhibitions and architectural highlights. Prof. Dr. Iris Belle, Prof. Volkmar Bleicher, Prof. Lutz Dickmann und Prof. Dr. Gunther Laux provided valuable impulses for the project work through their expert lectures. Three exhibitions formed further building blocks - The exhibition MOVE YOUR CITY presented works from the seminar of the architecture course. The exhibits made visible traces left by mobility in the city. Photographer Andreas Langen from the agency "die arge lola" and Prof. Harald Roser accompanied the seminar. The SPOTX exhibition showed designs from the Master's degree programme in architecture. How can resilient and people-friendly places be developed in the car-friendly city of Stuttgart? The students pursued this question in the analysis and redesign of non-places. Existing resources and potentials were identified and shown in terms of planning. The design was accompanied by architect Sascha Bauer from "STUDIO CROSS SCALE", Prof. Michel Roeder and Prof. Harald Roser. The third complementary exhibition was presented in the HFT Mobil. Under the motto "Draufsetzen", students planned emergency accommodation for the homeless on the roof of the Breuninger multi-storey car park in Stuttgart as part of their Bachelor's thesis. This final project was supervised by Prof. Juri Troy.

On 5 August 2022, the Summer School came to a festive close with a finissage. Students and interested guests moved together to the three experimental fields of the Summer School. On site, the participants presented their creative visions, projects and installations.
The Summer School is a regular event of the HFT Stuttgart under the direction of the Rector Prof. Dr. Katja Rade. In 2022 it was organised by the Faculty of Architecture and Design under the supervision of Prof. Harald Roser.

Big thanks go to all the numerous contributors, supporters and enablers.

Vernissage of two exhibitions