Integrated Study Project Urban Design | Munich Neuperlach | Winter Semester 2021/22

Our conception of the European city of today, in contrast to the rapidly growing metropolises in the global area, is still essentially determined in its form by tradition and history. This does not mean that it is not equally affected by change, because in view of migration trends on a global scale, the restructuring of industrial society, changes in climate, energy, mobility, current demographic change and an increasingly pluralistic society, the particular challenge of the European city lies in dealing with already existing structures in urban space.

Our area of consideration and design area is located in Munich's southeast, on the outskirts of the city. In 1963, due to an increasing number of inhabitants and a resulting housing shortage in Munich, the new district of Neuperlach was created, which has produced a large-scale form under the urban development model of the car-oriented city.

Now, after 50 years, Neuperlach is getting on in years and offers space and place for new interpretation and further development. It has currently advanced to become Munich's largest redevelopment area: Space Resource! How will the way we deal with our resources change? What role will traffic, ecology, nature, landscape and open space play? How will our mobility behavior develop? How can we respond to climatic conditions and energy targets? How can we make our environment livable? How can we ensure social participation for everyone? How do we want to live?

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunther Laux in cooperation with Michael Glück (open space and landscape), Malte Novak (mobility and traffic) and Olaf Hildebrandt (sustainability and energy).

Students: Natalie Begic, Florian Dengler, Irina Esterlein, Vannessa Göpfert, Benjamin Hueber, Emre Kalender, Lia Kanaki, Daniel Kubica, Heike Marschall, David McLaren, Babak Nejad, Phi Long Ngo, Georg Pichlmaier, Jule Ritzel, Andreas Schauer, Raphael Schlachtberger, Jaqueline Singer, Marius Sonnewald, Jan Sperber, Alisa Stockburger and Johannes Tomanek.

Performances by Irina Esterlein, Benjamin Hueber, Daniel Kubica, Phi Long Ngo, Georg Pichlmaier, Andreas Schauer, Jan Sperber and Alisa Stockburger.