Integrated Study Project Urban Renewal | Co-productive City | Transformation Stuttgart-Wangen |
summer semester 2021

Against the backdrop of global urbanisation, cities are caught between many conflicting interests. In the context of changing planning tasks of spatially related disciplines, a new discourse is started in the interdisciplinary Master's programme in Urban Planning: Urban planning as a participatory process, jointly developed, creatively complex and open to change.

The study project in the summer semester 2021 was dedicated to the topic "Co-productive City". The focus of interest was the urban district of Stuttgart-Wangen, for which the students worked out integrated development scenarios.

The challenge was to counteract the functional separation of living and working, the high consumption of resources as well as the problem of the impending death of shops and to create neighbourhoods with self-initiative, small circular economies, new alternatives of co-production as well as ecological thinking and acting.

Qualitative analyses and a future conference resulted in the focal points for the central guidelines, projects and measures of the integrated development concepts. In addition to ideas for building structures and the design of public space, these included statements on non-investment aspects of neighbourhood development, on process design, on instruments, on participants, on cooperation and participation, and on social aspects.

A highlight of the project was the action week under the motto "Wangen blossoms up!", in which the students implemented interventions in public space. The aim was to attract attention locally and to open up new perspectives on familiar patterns of space use.

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp and Barbara Hefner M.Sc.


Alejandra Padilla Gonzalez, Antonia Ptach, Barbara Heininger, Charline Girodon, Christoph Marzall, Daniela Kison, Evelyn Dufner, Florian Krug, Hannah Bühr, Hannah Kunzler, Hannah Walter, Hans Welsner, Julia-Maria Maier, Laura Müller, Laura Pfeiffer, Marita Bitzer, Menekse Topaktas, Ronja Soldner, Sebastian Baier, Severin Hahn, Tobias Wittrock, Valerija Overchuck, Vera-Sophie Delfs, Yannick Weber, Yvonne Bast-Schöning