Master Urban Planning | Urban Renewal Langwasser | Integrated Study Project III | Summer Semester 2023

The city will have to change radically due to the urgent requirements for sustainable urban development and changes in the economy and society. We are facing a major transformation, the goal of which is a climate- and resource-friendly city. The city has been built, and the greatest potential lies in a new culture of remodelling.

With this in mind, students in the summer semester of 2023 looked at the architectural heritage of the large housing estate in Nuremberg-Langwasser. In addition to the refurbishment and modernisation of the housing stock, the conversion of the public space and the urban development of the outdated centre(s) are associated with a wide range of needs for action.

The tasks of urban planners are changing: they are becoming more complex and can only be tackled in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. Against this background, the study projects deal with practical tasks. The aim of the third study project focussing on urban renewal and urban redevelopment is to first take an in-depth look at the existing identities of the study area in order to identify potential. Building on this, strategic approaches and visions will be developed to successfully lead the neighbourhood into a sustainable and resilient future.

The project was supervised by Prof Dr Christina Simon-Philipp

Students: Elias Evirgen, Oliver Käpplinger, Julian Wagner, Niklas Slowy, Henner Bock, Steve Oberst, Johanna Rapp, Bernhard Reichlmair, Helena Becker, Salome Schwarz, Dorothee Stollmaier, Rica Voß, Asli Akdag, Madleine Bode, Dijana Radojevic, Simon Kitzelmann, David Maihöfer, Levente Piri