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Digital visual tools as support instruments for collaborative decision making
in Smart City Projects: Case Study with Stadtwerke München, Smartes M-District

Mitchelle Rosales


Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann (CreativeClimateCities, HFT Stuttgart)
Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Herrscher (Stadtwerke München)

Winter semester 2019/20

"BEST-OF 2020"-award by HFT Stuttgart

Smart City Projects implement a systemic approach in decision-making, with collection of data and implementation of logical decision-making processes; nevertheless, there is gap in the research about decision-making processes in smart cities. The first to approach smart cities were large tech companies seeking to connect infrastructure systems. This attempt soon showed that human behavior needed more attention. The notion of the need for collective intelligence in a connected ecosystem emerged. Such a collective intelligence could manifest itself in the integration and collaboration of different stakeholders in planning processes. The question ensues how transdisciplinary collaborative methodologies can harness technology for urban planning and adopt new innovative techniques. This thesis analysis the development of Smartes M-Quartier in Munich. Research focuses on the process, methods and possibilities to integrate stakeholders, establish a common language and achieve a common agreement.

Here you can find the documentation of the master-thesis.