Design with a focus on technology | Lisa Brög | 3rd semester | winter semester 2020/21

The Henning Areal in Metzingen has been an industrial wasteland since its closure. New owners want to convert the buildings, which are under ensemble protection. The industrial character of the buildings will be preserved and revitalised by new concepts of use: the Alte Schmiede (old forge) will be converted into an event hall and supplemented by a representative foyer. The so far introverted forge hall achieves an address formation to the street by the design of a higher up showcase. The visibility is increased and the new function of the Alte Schmiede is made clear. Furthermore, the visitor is guided from the street to the market place and thus to the new foyer on the rear side. The foyer fits directly into the existing building and takes up the entire width of the hall. By means of a shift towards the north, the foyer appears from the street and allows a generous access to the market place. The hall itself remains in its structure and substance and is only supplemented by a gallery, which allows exciting visual relationships.

The work was supervised by Prof. Sebastian Jehle and Prof. Stefan Zimmermann.