Design with a focus on Space | Florian Nerz | 1st semester | summer semester 2021

The construction of a market hall in the large housing estate Freiberg represents an initial spark for the further urbanisation of the district.

The central positioning of the site in the center of Freiberg offers the opportunity for an interaction between the market hall and the public space. The new building will be positioned with the entrance to the existing square. This will be designed with traffic calming, serve as an area for temporary events as well as a connecting piece to the adjacent shopping facilities.

The building consists of four concrete elements of different heights connected by a timber skeleton structure.

The central hall provides space for permanent and temporary market uses, while the other building sections house individual uses such as storage, administration and restaurant. The latter opens onto the existing plaza, creating a smooth transition between the building and the outdoor space. Prominent seating staircases inside the hall lead up to the gallery level, offering an overview of the market activity and inviting visitors to linger.

While parts of the hall are open to the public for a limited time, the restaurant, bar and rooftop park attract visitors even at later hours.

Rounding out the concept of the regional market hall is a fish and crop offering that demonstrates a sustainable, self-contained cycle through aquaponics.

The work was supervised by Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt.