Design specialisation in space | Jonas Jehle | 2nd semester | summer semester 2023

The construction and addition of a three-form grammar school offers great potential for the future of the existing primary school site.

The aim and challenge of the project task was to create a connection between the new building and the existing building, which at the same time responds to the particularly steeply sloping topography of the site. The building arrangement consists of three trapezoidal structures with different building heights. The two-storey central building forms the main access address and the link for the two large school buildings with their respective classrooms.

The orientation of the buildings follows the contour lines in order to minimise the impact on the topography.

The respective internal staircases lead to open learning areas. The open learning/movement zones are interspersed with atrium courtyards and form a kind of ring around the individual clusters.

The open learning zones are separated from the respective clusters so that there is no mutual noise pollution. The individual clusters each have a multi-purpose area that can be separated from the learning zones by folding walls. Otherwise, the learning zones and the multi-purpose area can be merged into one large learning space.The assembly hall with its spacious staircase can also serve as a learning zone.The assembly hall also forms the link to the library.

The entrance area in front of the assembly hall was stepped down due to the topography and, together with the area in front of it, forms an open-air break area that can also be used for smaller events.

The work was supervised by Prof. Sebastian Jehle, Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt & Maria Savva M.A.