Elective subject Living nearby the city | Bachelor and Master programmes of the faculty | Mona Edelmann, Corina Sonntag, Katrin Weidner & Vera Wetteskind | winter semester 2020/21

In the seminar "Living nearby the city" we dealt with suburban space in and around the region of Stuttgart. Alongside car-friendly spaces and large housing estates in the periphery, single-family and two-family house areas became a defining feature of settlement development in the region. The nuclear family is seen as the classic model of life and is now regarded as the collective ideal. As part of the seminar, we asked children between the ages of 6 and 11 to use self-designed worksheets to draw their desired ideas of living in order to find out whether this ideal still exists.

The work was supervised by Professor Christina Simon-Philipp and Verena Marie Loidl.