Easy is the descent to Avernus, for the door to the underworld lies open both day and night. But to retrace your steps and return to the breezes above-- that's the task, that's the toil.


Fundamentals of Design | 2nd Semester | Summer Semester 2021

In the course of the summer semester 2021, the students have been working on a total of six exercises with different topics. In "Underworlds" fictitious dungeons were added to the original above-ground architecture with the help of digital modelling and image processing. "My Favorite Way" describes a personal favourite path as an architectural promenade in key images. In "Scenes" cinematic spaces were analyzed and reconstructed.

Prof. Andreas Kretzer

My Favorite Way

I am only trying to teach you to see. Two men are walking through Clare Market. One of them comes out at the other end not a bit wiser than he went in. The other notices a bit of parsley hanging over the edge of a butter woman's basket and carries away with him images of beauty, which in the course of his daily work he incorporates with it for many a day.

John Ruskin


Cinematic architecture evokes and sustains specific mental states; the architecture of film is architecture of terror, anguish, suspense, boredom, alienation, melancholy, happiness or ecstasy, depending on the essence of the particular cinematic narrative and the director's intention. Space and architectural imagery are the amplifiers of specific emotions.

Juhani Pallasmaa

Image Space

Only apparently a thing has a color, only apparently it is sweet or bitter, in reality there are only atoms in empty space.


Fundamentals of Design | 2nd Semester | Summer Semester 2020

The sight of deserted public spaces during the corona-related curfews provided the impetus for digital finger exercises, which could be implemented by students in the summer semester 2020 with licenses from the company Adobe. Similar to the invasion of places of desire by tourist hordes, which was postponed in 2020, the aim was to remove all people from artworks with an affinity to architecture, with the aid of various retouching and reconstruction techniques, in order to open up a free view of (interior) spaces. Architectures without people are both fascinating and irritating. As stages and scenes without actors, they are reminiscent of a cult in architectural photography: frozen clean-room conservations of perfect moments - before the users arrive...

Prof. Andreas Kretzer

Head through the wall

Fundamentals of Design | 1st Semester | Winter Semester 2019/20

In the introductory exercise on technical-constructive creative skills, students design and build a model of a wall section from building blocks.The design should follow clear geometric design principles, for example, structuring, stepping, lining up, symmetry, proportion, rhythm, relief and texture effect of the wall surface through patterns, openings for light and air, etc.

Prof. Andreas Kretzer


What is this obsession of desiring to be around people all the time? Loneliness is the greatest luxury.

Karl Lagerfeld

Fundamentals of Design | 1st Semester | Winter Semester 2018/19

The term studiolo is the Italian designation for Renaissance study chambers that were dedicated to the pursuit of the arts. At that time, small rooms were set up for the sole purpose of (re)collection and studying. We know these minimal rooms from illustrations such as "Saint Jerome in his Study" or "Francesco Petrarca nello studio". The word studiolo is associated with the idea of a small room that offers all the comforts necessary for active study and contemplative reflection. The cardboard models were realized on a scale of 1:2.

Prof. Andreas Kretzer

Poor is he who has no place at home, no place where he can be with himself, where he can hide, where he can hold court with himself. And this 'feast with oneself' takes place precisely in silence and in withdrawal. Only in regular retreat can one find happiness.

Michel de Montaigne