Bachelor Thesis | Moira Schmid | 6th semester | winter semester 2020/21

Community and sustainability – the community of Neukirchen in North Rhine Westphalia is an outstanding example of this. The only thing that is still missing: a common >living room<. The new building at the entrance to the town centre is not only intended to be an inviting guesthouse, but also a meeting place for the people of Neukirchen.

The new gastronomic offer, the children's tower, a small herb garden and the markets that will continue taking place are going to create a great offer for all generations in front of and around the guest house.

Just as the stairway to heaven is located in the immediate vicinity, the stairway is also a major theme in the guest house. A living room staircase leading from the ground floor to the 1st floor and the co-working space and lounge located there provides space for meeting, rest, play and gathering.

Sustainability is emphasised in the guest house by the materials chosen as well as by the bath-box in all guest rooms, which is a uniform and mass-produced piece of furniture that can be easily installed and also removed again if the rooms are to be repurposed.

The work was supervised by Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt.