Bachelor Thesis | Carolin Jennifer Fay | 6th semester | winter semester 2018/19

Studying at Stuttgart’s existing photography school comprises learning of photographic basics and craft as well as free, individual and collective artistic work in the fields of classic photography and new media. Positive human interaction during training is a high priority. Without stress or grades, students gain a free personal development and thus have the opportunity to find their style while being exposed to photography in a committed and searching way.

The existing Freie Fotoschule in Stuttgart planned expanding the educational offer for the training of professional photographers, including the direction of photographic design. The emphasis was on academic as well as real-world education for adolescents and adults. The available property is located in a park-like green space between representative villas of the Gründerzeit period, which are today mainly used as offices, institutes and law firms as well as for residential use. To the north-west is a spectacular view over the Stuttgart basin. The property is accessible via 'Stafflenbergstraße' as well as via the street 'Im Schellenkönig' running parallel to the slope. In the north-western area is an existing building, which is to be preserved. The entire property is available whilst maintaining and respecting the existing building. The property’s characteristic tree population should be respected and, if possible, preserved.

The work was supervised by Prof. Tobias Wulf.