Grafik für die Corporeal Architecture Vorträge 2022

Series of talks with Dr Maria da Piedade Ferreira, MSc

Discussions with experts on architecture and neuroscience will be held from October to December 2022. Each conversation will then be posted on Youtube for listening.

The digital series takes place in cooperation with the HFT Stuttgart and ACE (Center for Education of ANFA – Academy for Neuroscience for Architecture).

As part of the Corporeal Architecture elective, Dr. Maria da Piedade Ferreira will lead conversations with various high-profile experts on the topics of architecture and neuroscience in a cycle from October to December 2022. Joining her will be a.o.  Vittorio Gallese, Juhani Pallasmaa, Kate Jeffery and Tom Albright.

All talks will be uploaded weekly to Youtube under "Corporeal Architecture", see QR code in the event poster below.

You are cordially invited to listen in!

Publish date: 17. October 2022 By Annabel Angus ()