Series of talks with Dr Maria da Piedade Ferreira, MSc

From October to November 2021, talks will be held with experts on the topic of neuroscience for architecture

The series takes place in cooperation with the HFT Stuttgart, the ANFA (Center for Education of the Academy for Neuroscience for Architecture) and the YouTube channel "Corporeal Architecture".

As part of the elective "Corporeal Architecture", Dr Maria da Piedade Ferreira, MSc will be holding talks with various high-profile experts on the topics of neuroscience for architecture in a cycle from October to November 2021.
They include Bob Condia (Kansas State University USA), Galen Cranz (University of California Berkeley), Sergei Gepshtein (Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA), Luis Othón-Villegas (LVS Architecture, Guadalajara, Mexico), Alberto Pérez-Gómez (McGill University Canadá), David Kirsh (University of California San Diego) and Raquel Guerra Aragonés (The Centre for Conscious Design CCD).

All talks will be uploaded weekly (on Mondays) on the YouTube channel "Corporeal Architecture".

You are cordially invited to listen in!

Publish date: 11. October 2021