The Department of Architecture and Design’s scale model workshop includes a 170 m² large machine room which is equipped with two circular and band saws, disc sanders, scroll saw as well as planing machine, drill press, milling- and edge sanding machine. In addition, projects and model assembly work can be carried out in a 100 m² work space. 

The scale model workshop is available to all students of the department by arrangement and under supervision of our carpenter and wood technician Philip Spoun. Before using it, all students must attend a machine related training, which is offered at the beginning of each semester. The workshop allows all wood and plastic work necessary for the construction of architectural scale models.

A small metal workshop is also available. It is equipped with the prevalent machines used for metalworking and additionally with a CNC controlled water jet cutting machine for processing plate metal and stone slabs.

The metal workshop and the use of the water jet cutting machine is open to all students of the Architecture and Design department in consultation with Albert Stöcker.

Building 8, 8/U1.32

Scientific manager
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Cremers

Workshop manager
Philip Spoun | Telephone +49 (0)711 8926 2921