The MaterialSTUDIO is an innovative platform across several disciplines at HFT Stuttgart’s Faculty of Architecture and Design.

The MaterialSTUDIO imparts material-specific expertise with the aim of using materials and their manufacturing, processing and joining techniques in accordance with an architectural concept in the planning process and making them profitably usable for the design. Carefully selected material samples and illustrative models, a database and accompanying workshops and events complement the cross-material teaching of building construction and structural design.
It provides a wide range of traditional and novel materials including application-oriented references for teaching, research and practice. In addition to carefully selected hand samples for the haptic experience of materials, construction and visual models as well as a constantly growing range of specific technical literature and digital information are available.
The goals of the teaching and learning laboratory include the self-initiation of learning processes among students, ensuring practical relevance with networking to teaching and the promotion of supportive digital forms of teaching.

The MaterialSTUDIO sees itself as a creative and active initiator. With its concentrated materials-specific expertise, the MaterialSTUDIO supports the transfer of knowledge into the practice of architecture, building construction and structural design and, as a transdisciplinary institution, has the task of sharpening the sensibility for materials and promoting materials science as a starting point and driving force for new design approaches and technological progress.

The MaterialSTUDIO shows a diverse selection of materials that impress with their particular originality, functionality, materiality or aesthetics. They make it clear that material issues are not only highly relevant in materials science, but also play an important role in everyday perception. The potential and the immediate effect of a material can be conveyed with the objects of the MaterialSTUDIO: in lectures, workshops and exhibitions.

Building 4, 4/007

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Dickmann