Innovative timber construction using the example of the Solar Decathlon Europe 21


The aim of the project is to sustainably strengthen the field of expertise "innovative timber construction" in the three performance dimensions of research, teaching and transfer at the HFT Stuttgart and to launch innovations in timber construction across the university. Among other things, through the scientific accompanying research on the example project Solar Decathlon Europe, the results obtained (innovations) from the subject areas of post-densification in urban areas, recyclable constructions from renewable building materials, serial building renovation, recyclable materials and components, urban mining, etc. will be transferred into scalable concepts, structures and processes at the university and existing competencies will be strengthened and expanded. These results will be directly integrated into the interdisciplinary teaching of the HFT due to the close integration between research and teaching within the project. In addition, the knowledge and technology transfer will enable the exchange of scientific findings, innovations and solutions between all scientific areas of the university and society, business, politics and culture.

Research Question

Due to its innovative character and the triad between research, teaching and transfer, the project aims at several innovation packages, which establish different offers, measures and concepts to strengthen the competences in the field of innovative timber construction. The scientific-technical questions are characterized by high practical relevance and topicality. Through the accompanying research on the example project Solar Decathlon Europe, the results can be directly implemented by an innovative prototype in timber construction and tested in a kind of real laboratory.


The continuous identification of transferable knowledge and technologies and the development of target group-specific exploitation strategies will enable a consistent orientation towards the needs of the various stakeholders from science, industry, society and politics. During the project duration, further associated partners will be involved in order to ensure the transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of timber construction and to achieve new positive impulses in Baden-Württemberg.

Targeted results

Due to the existing relevant research experience and the strong scientific focus, the scientific-technical prospects for success and the strengthening of timber construction expertise can be rated as very good. The project offers concrete opportunities for a broad-based technology transfer into practice. Overall, the project will lead to the strengthening of the scientific and technical competence of the HFT Stuttgart in the cooperative processing of demanding research and development tasks.

ManagementProf. Dr. Cremers
FundingMinistry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg (MLR)



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