Sensory data and augmented reality


The project SensAR visualizes sensor data in industrial environments via augmented reality (AR) applications. The research focuses on generalized industrial processes with selected use cases as a basis. Its aim is to support workers using sensor data and digitized assistance systems. The user stories are defined in cooperation with industrial partners.

Research Question

The goal of the project is to develop sample applications for augmenting the real world with meaningful, context-sensitive information based on retrieved sensor data. The main focus currently lies in supporting three different use cases; facility management, classification and modelling of industrial objects, indoor navigation. The project is a holistic approach that combines research areas such as dynamic object recognition, positioning, sensor technology and standards, UI and data security.


Parts of the project:

  • Object recognition, for example of equipment or load carriers in industrial halls, from laser point clouds or cameras (Prof. Eberhard Gülch, Prof. Ursula Voß, Prof. Franz-Josef Schneider)
  • Localization of employees via smartphone using indoor positioning (Prof. Stefan Knauth)
  • Retrieval of data from sensors with different standards (Prof. Dieter Uckelmann)
  • User interface displaying sensor data and control elements for user input (Prof. Volker Coors, Prof. Gero Lückemeyer)
  • Data security and data protection (Prof. Jan Seedorf)


Using three example scenarios, possibilities for augmented reality applications will be presented:

  • Facility management: display sensor data and derived information for monitoring machinery
  • Industry modelling: such as the detection and modelling of industrial building equipment and load carriers based on laser point clouds and photogrammetry
  • Indoor navigation: A specialist needs support at a machine. Using a smartphone app with indoor localization, the employee with the shortest route can be alerted. Alternatively, remote assistance can be used to provide help in troubleshooting.

Targeted results

Based on the use cases various challenges are tackled in an integrated process. The aim is to give small and medium-sized enterprises easier access to the technology field of augmented reality. By focusing on industry 4.0, SensAR will be, in addition to the i_city project, well integrated into the transfer activities of M4_LAB.

ManagementProf. Dr Volker Coors, Prof. Dr Eberhard Gülch, Prof. Dr Stefan Knauth, Prof. Dr Gero Lückemeyer, Prof. Dr Franz-Josef Schneider, Prof. Dr Jan Seedorf, Prof. Dr Dieter Uckelmann, Prof. Dr Ursula Voß
PartnerDaimler Truck AG, Leuze electronic GmbH + Co KG, Softvise GmbH
FundingCarl Zeiss Foundation
Call for proposalDigitalisierung: Grundlagen erforschen – Anwendungen nutzen
Duration01.04.2019 - 31.03.2022, extended until 30.09.2022


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Professor Mathematik +49 711 8926 2571 2/543
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