HFT innovation lab for the metropolitan region 4.0


The aim of the project is to use the research experience of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT) in urban development and urban modelling for the energy turnaround in order to develop strategies for a climate-neutral region with future-proof mobility concepts and sustainable industrial production in cooperation with the association partner, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH.


Starting from the goal of integrating the "third mission" into the everyday life of the university, the university strives for an opening towards society. In this way, the results of the interaction between research and teaching can be transferred to civil society. Internal transfer and networking structures are identified and strengthened for this purpose.

Targeted results

The planned strengthening of the transfer infrastructure offers excellent opportunities to develop and commercially exploit new services and products in the Stuttgart metropolitan region and to strengthen the interaction between the HFT, local companies and the wider society. This will be achieved through a wide range of research and modelling tools, the innovation and creativity spaces, and the links to i_city and IBA project implementations. As an innovative university, we want to help shape the change in society in a sustainable and responsible manner.


The project is divided into a total of four sub-projects. In subproject 1 an interactive communication and transfer portal will be developed. It forms the interface between the HFT and the stakeholders and should support them in the process of innovation development. In sub-project 2, the expansion of the founding and innovation culture at the HFT will be pushed forward and the target group-specific processing of contents will be worked out. A mobile creativity laboratory with a flexible presence in the region will facilitate social innovations by addressing groups from civil society that have not yet been fully developed at the HFT as well as companies from the metropolitan region and involving them in research transfer and networking. In the third sub-project, implementation projects from the IBA context in particular will support the transdisciplinary processes and the interdisciplinary expertise of the HFT. With sub-project 4, the expansion of technology transfer forms a further component of the regional ecosystem for innovation and transfer at the HFT Stuttgart. We aim to improve the added value of publicly funded research results with sub-project 4.

Some results

ManagementProf. Uta Bronner, Prof. Volker Coors, Prof. Bastian Schröter
EmployeesDr. Christina Rehm (management) and team
PartnerStuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS)
FundingFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Call forproposalInnovative Hochschule (Innovative university)
Duration01.01.2018 – 31.12.2022