Flexible facade and roof elements with switchable total energy transmittance (g-value)

Research Question

The aim of the FLEX-G joint project from the BMWi's EnergieWendeBauen funding line is to research technologies for the production of translucent and transparent roof and facade elements with integrated optoelectronic components.


The focus is a switchable total energy transmittance (g-value). This is achieved by electrochromic components, which are built up directly on a flexible ETFE foil by roll-to-roll coating processes. ETFE is a foil material frequently used in membrane roofs of stadiums, airports or railway stations. A second project goal is the research of technologies for the direct integration of large-area flexible solar cells based on organic photovoltaics in ETFE membranes and the adaptation of these to specific membrane construction requirements.

Targeted results

The FLEX-G project thus makes a significant contribution to the German government's goal of reducing primary energy requirements in Germany by 50 % by 2050, both in the area of energy saving and in the area of energy generation in buildings.

ManagementProf. Dr.-Ing. Jan Cremers
Partnervarious partners from research and industry
SponsorBundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)
Duration01.06.2017–31.05.2020 extended until 30.11.20


Name and position Field Email and phone Room
Architect, Full Professor, Dean Department of Architecture and Design +49 711 8926 2620 8/2.01
Akademischer Mitarbeiter Institut für Angewandte Forschung - Zentrum für Integrale Architektur +49 711 8926 2451 4/307