Typology and new development of farmhouses


In this second phase, the research project also deals with a new interpretation of the building type of the courtyard house for sustainable high-density urbanity. Although the Hofhaus has a millennia-old tradition and a wide range of different forms, it has not been adequately developed in the context of the sustainability debate of the last two decades compared to other predominant building types.

Research Question

The fundamental and systematic research work focuses on high density and resource efficiency in terms of material and energy consumption. This should make up for the omissions discussed above.

Objective and approach

Already existing individual studies on traditional and modern courtyard houses offer a view of great potential and are suitable for linking up. The objective and further contribution of the research project is a new type of house, which is referred to here as a 'compact courtyard house'. On the way to a sustainable urbanity of the future, it is no longer enough to optimize common solutions technically. Rather, there is an increasing need for the systematic and interdisciplinary development of new and very efficient building types in combination with urban structures explicitly developed for this purpose. Within the framework of the research project, the typus will be comprehensively investigated and proven on an interdisciplinary basis. The results were published in a book: Saving Space in Urban Areas with Courtyard Houses | HFT Stuttgart (hft-stuttgart.com)

ManagementProf. Dr.-Ing. Jan Cremers
FundingGerman Research Foundation DFG
Duration01.01.2020–31.12.2022 extended until 31.05.2023


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