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Environmental management at the HFT passes another examination

The HFT has once again been certified as an EMAS University of Applied Sciences

The environmental management system of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences has passed the critical examination by two independent environmental auditors and has thus been certified according to the Europe-wide standardised procedure "EMAS".

In 2014, the HFT Stuttgart was awarded the European Environmental Management System for the first time and entered into the EMAS register as a certified location. EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the environmental management certification of the European Union and is one of the most important systems worldwide for continuously improving the environmental situation and ensuring a sustainable organisation.

In their audit report, the experts certified the continuous improvement of HFT's environmental performance and confirmed the fulfilment of the EMAS requirements by validating the environmental declaration. Thus the university is still entitled to use the EMAS logo.

You can find the environmental statement of the HFT here.

Publish date: 16. October 2020 By Ute Dettmann ()