The route is calculated

Successful start of the event series "THE ROUTE IS CALCULATED - Talks about career paths" with university councillor Maria Dietz and moderator Franzi Glaser.

The new event series "THE ROUTE IS CALCULATED - Talks about career paths" was launched on December 2, 2021. The event consisted of a fireside chat and a matching workshop on the topic of dreams. The goal was to discuss, reflect and network together.

The guest at our first fireside chat was Maria Dietz. She is a family entrepreneur and member of the Board of Directors at GFT Technologies. The company has been in existence for just under 35 years and is listed on the stock exchange. Maria Dietz is also a member of the supervisory board at Ernst Klett AG and Drägerwerk AG. As a university councillor, she has close ties to the HFT Stuttgart.

It all depends on the mindset

But how did Maria Dietz get to this point? As part of the event series "The route is calculated", Maria Dietz told students and employees of HFT Stuttgart about her career and shared her experiences with them. Maria Dietz likes to ride roller coasters and that's how she sees her career path: you never know exactly what awaits you around the next corner. She trusts in her skills and strengths. So even a left turn can be mastered without any problems. "Try your hand," Maria Dietz explained.

"Often the detours are what really make you rich in experience."

Maria Dietz

Working on your own dreams in the workshop

In the workshop with Franzi Glaser, students and staff were able to apply the impulses from the fireside chat to their own lives. Full of energy, the participants threw themselves into defining their dreams. The participants praised the "challenging tasks". In the evening, everyone looked back on the two events with great satisfaction: "It inspired and motivated me".

What we could take away from the fireside chat and the workshop

In everyday life, we have to face many different challenges to achieve our dreams. From the fireside chat and workshop, we were able to take away the following key learnings:

  • Be bold: Dare to try new things.
  • Be independent: Where do you want to go? Set yourself small milestones and create the right environment.
  • Go the extra mile: Don't always think straight ahead, there are many ways to discover.

To be continued

In spring we will continue with exciting fireside chats and workshops on the topics of #courage and #start. Be excited!

The series of events is organized by the project "Metropolregion 4.0 - M4_LAB", funded by the federal-state funding initiative "Innovative Hochschule" and the project "KEJ - Gründen? Kann Eigentlich Jede*r!" project, funded by the "Exist-Potentiale" funding programme.

Publish date: 14. December 2021