Intro zur Einstein-Ausstellung in Ulm

Exhibition preview for the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm

The HFT Stuttgart master's programme architecture has supported the vision of the association «Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V.» to develop a Science Center in Ulm with the students concepts.

The name carrier of the Science Center, which is supposed to stimulate the curiosity for physical processes and make science and technology comprehensible, is the most famous physicist of the 20th century born in Ulm.

14 students have dedicated a semester to this task in cooperation with the city of Ulm and the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V. The students had to deal with a real needs program, which includes a total of two permanent exhibitions on "Einstein in Ulm" and "Einstein Today" as well as a Science Center with three different experience areas.

The city planning office of Ulm actively supported the students at the start of the 14-week processing period in the winter semester 2019/20. Through a detailed introduction to the history and municipal politics of Ulm's urban development and by providing excellent planning fundamentals for two very different inner-city plots of land, the students were able to work closely with reality on their designs.

The study projects help the Albert Einstein Discovery Center Ulm e.V. to examine the feasibility of the project and to evaluate the possibilities together with the city of Ulm. It is intended to present the resulting designs to the public as soon as possible in an exhibition on site, jointly organized by the association and the HFT Stuttgart.

In order to give visitors to the exhibition an insight into the conceptual design ideas of the student authors, the film "The Next Big Thing" has been produced as a harbinger of the exhibition:

Publish date: 17. June 2020 By Prof. Rebecca Chestnutt ()