2nd EMAS audit successfully passed

The university's environmental management system put to the test

On June 21, 2022, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences again successfully passed the independent validation of its environmental management system EMAS by the Institut für Umwelttechnik Dr. Kühnemann und Partner GmbH in Hanover. With this step, another important milestone towards a sustainable teaching and research institution was reached.

Since 2014, HFT Stuttgart has operated an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the European EMAS Regulation. In order to continue the EMAS registration, the environmental management system is put to the test annually by an external audit. This year's regular monitoring was the second monitoring audit within the 3-year audit cycle. Employees from the administration, the faculties and research presented a selection of their projects to the external auditor. This included, among other things, the presentation of student projects from the master's degree program in environmentally oriented logistics, the presentation of previous project results from the transdisciplinary LES (Laboratory for Experimental Urban Space) teaching research project, and a presentation to the EMAS auditor of the progress made with regard to the digitalization of administrative processes at the university. In his audit report, Dr. Kühnemann certified the HFT Stuttgart's continuous improvement of its environmental performance and signed the current environmental statement (PDF download). This means that the university is still entitled to use the EMAS logo.

Publish date: 20. September 2022 By Ute Dettmann ()