Doctorate successfully completed

Robert Hegewald, former student of the Mathematics programme and visiting researcher at the HFT Stuttgart, successfully completed his doctorate at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with the doctoral colloquium

The title of his doctoral thesis is: "Automatic and Algorithm-Based Buildability Studies of Complex Industrial 3D CAD Components".

The doctoral thesis has been prepared within the project Assembly Planning, in which the HFT Stuttgart is involved. The scientific focus of the work is on geometric algorithms that are used in digital assembly planning in vehicle construction. The goal of the research work was the automatic generation of valid assembly movements for the components to be assembled in a vehicle. This can then be used to digitally derive assembly sequences for the vehicle. In his work, Hegewald focused on planning the assembly movement of a component near to its installed position. The difficulty here is that components are always inevitably in collision with their mating geometry due to fasteners, so conventional motion planning methods reach their limits. He has succeeded in developing algorithms that automatically locate the fastening elements and exploit this knowledge to plan the assembly movement. In a further step, the calculated movement can be evaluated and optimized using a geometric deformation model.

We sincerely congratulate Dr. Robert Hegewald on passing his doctorate!

Publish date: 02. June 2023