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The best graduate in the Bachelor's degree programme in Mathematics is Niklas Glasbrenner

The annual award ceremony of the insurance companies in the Stuttgart area took place on the 27th Mathematics Day on 19 November 2021. The prize winners must achieve an overall grade of 1.7 or better as part of their final thesis and shine through an outstanding academic performance.

Niklas Glasbrenner Gewinner des Preis der Versicherungsgesellschaften

For the summer semester 2021, the prize goes to our student Niklas Glasbrenner. We congratulate him warmly on the award and the prize money of 1,000 euros. He completed his bachelor's degree in mathematics with a specialization in algorithm engineering. He completed his practical semester at IT-Designers in Esslingen. There, he programmed a computer game in the 3D Voxel group and experimented with artificial intelligence. He received the award for his Bachelor's thesis on "Heuristic solution methods for optimal route planning with a fleet of electric vehicles taking time windows into account". It deals with the typical vehicle routing problem (VRP). This problem is similar to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) - only with multiple "salesmen". The VRP was further extended in that, firstly, the vehicles were electric and thus could approach charging stations because of their short range, and secondly, the points to be approached had time windows to be observed. After establishing the cost function, Niklas Glasbrenner tried to aim for the optimum using two algorithms (ant algorithm and evolutionary algorithm). The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Gabi Preissler.

The prize has been awarded to the best graduate in mathematics at HFT since 1980. It also expresses the close ties between the insurance companies based in the Stuttgart region and HFT: numerous HFT students complete their practical semester or write their final thesis at one of the participating insurance companies. Many of our graduates find a job in the insurance industry. Conversely, we repeatedly succeed in gaining lecturers from insurance companies. We would like to thank all the insurance companies in the Stuttgart area.

Publish date: 29. November 2021 By Katharina Heinzelmann ()