Beispiel-Zertifikat cosh-Test

Nationwide use of the cosh test mathematics

Introduction at the beginning of the new school year

The cosh test instrument for secondary school mathematics, which was developed as part of a joint project at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, will be used at the beginning of the new school year as part of the "Lernen mit Rückenwind" support program launched by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

It is available to all teachers of general grammar schools as a support measure for the assessment of learning levels in grade 10 (grammar school G8, community schools and pilot project G9) and grade 11 (community schools and pilot project G9). It is used on the recommendation of the Institute for Educational Analyses Baden-Württemberg (IBBW).

Parallel to this, the newly completed online version is also being made available for vocational schools (vocational grammar schools, vocational colleges and vocational upper secondary schools) with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The external Moodle of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences serves as a platform (test portal). This allows the diagnostic instrument to be calibrated again with data from all major school types.

Publish date: 13. September 2021 By Konstanze Mehmedovski ()