DGVFM Screen auf Notebook

Mathematics Master's student Axel Roth programs the interface of the insurance planning game for the DGVFM

Insurance simulation teaches pupils the basics of premium design, solvency determination and corporate management

The successful cooperation came about through Prof. Dr. Annegret Weng. She is a professor at the HFT and a member of the DGVFM (German Society for Insurance and Financial Mathematics). Axel Roth programmed the web-based game in R with the web framework Shiny the WebApp. The mathematical content part was developed by Dr Ralph Schuster from Munich Re, also a member of the DGVFM.

DGVFM Screenshot von Versicherungsplanspiel

Teachers can play the game with their pupils or students and thus give them a playful and practical understanding of how an insurance company works. Each group represents an insurance company and tries to become the market leader through intelligent parameter selection of premium adjustments and dividend distributions. For this purpose, periods are simulated in which each insurance company has to set its parameters. After each simulated period, the charts about the insurance companies and the market are updated and the participants then have to react accordingly by choosing appropriate parameters. In the background, a simulation of the market and customer behavior runs during each period. The players learn the most important key figures of an insurance company and how to interpret them correctly. They also understand the influence their actions have on customer behaviour and how an insurance company deals with chance.

The business game can be activated via this page.

Publish date: 06. December 2021 By Annegret Weng ()