Grafik 50 Jahre Mathematik

50 years of mathematics at the HFT Stuttgart

Only mathematics program at an Universities of Applied Sciences in Baden-Württemberg celebrates big anniversary


Exactly 50 years ago, students at the HFT Stuttgart were offered the Mathematics course for the first time, which was supplemented by a Master's course in the winter semester 2008/09. Since 1970, well over 1,600 students have successfully completed their degree in mathematics at our university, 142 of them with a master's degree. About 30 of our former students have later successfully completed their doctorates.

We proudly look back on the past 50 years in which we have successfully taught mathematics at our university and in which we have enabled numerous graduates to make a successful start in their professional lives. Many of our former students now work in the financial and insurance sectors or in well-known industrial companies in the Stuttgart region.

Against the background of the current corona pandemic, the planned anniversary celebration in 2020 will unfortunately not be able to take place at the university. However, we are looking forward to the coming year in a positive mood and are pleased to invite you to a subsequent celebration with exciting lectures and discussions. Further information will follow.

Publish date: 11. November 2019