Welcome to the Laboratory for
Computer Graphics Research
The laboratory is used for research activities in the areas of signal processing, image processing and computer graphics. This includes the preparation of bachelor and master theses, which are mostly done in cooperation with companies and research institutes. Furthermore, courses on these topics are held in the laboratory for the Bachelor's degree courses in Computer Science and Mathematics as well as for the Master's degree course in Mathematics.

In addition, events are held in the laboratory at regular intervals as part of the Student Engineering Academy. The aim is to give pupils an insight into digital image processing and graphical data processing.

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Welcome to the Laboratory
for Computer Graphics


In the laboratory 25 Windows PC Dell Precision T3400 are available. The software development environment Eclipse and the graphics library OpenGL are installed on the computers.

Contact person

Uwe Müßigmann
Uwe Müßigmann uwe.muessigmann@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2506