Welcome to the Cyber Classroom laboratory
In the Cyber Classroom, a VR laboratory, complex mathematical facts from geometry are visualized three-dimensionally, with the aim of sustainably promoting the 3D imagination of the students. The geometric shape of mathematical formulas can be reproduced interactively on the system. This creates an intuitive, playful approach to geometric problems that are otherwise difficult to comprehend.

The contact person for the VR Lab is Prof. Franz-Josef Schneider.

Welcome to the Cyber Classroom


The laboratory is used to complement and support current geometry lectures, but is also used for projects and theses, where students program and present their own geometry modules. Current main areas of work are:

  • Development of a module for differential geometry
  • Development of a module for free-form geometry (triangular Bézier surfaces)
  • Development of a module to illustrate the subdivision techniques


The laboratory is equipped with 6 workstations where students can program their applications for the modules. Furthermore, a presentation system consisting of a computer, 2 beamers and a screen is available, which displays the programmed modules in 3D via rear projection and polarisation technology. The laboratory is designed in such a way that a presentation in front of a group of 10 -15 persons is possible.

Contact person

Franz-Josef Schneider
Franz-Josef Schneider franz-josef.schneider@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2571