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University Teaching - Professors

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Workshops & Language Courses - Staff

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Extracurricular Studies - Students

HFT Stuttgart's Centre for Teaching and Learning offers to all professors, university employees and students a wide range of various workshops. These offers are divided into three pillars according to target groups:


  • can successfully start at the HFT Stuttgart with the University Teaching qualification as a newly appointed professor.
  • are advised and supported in their teaching activities by the Centre for Teaching and Learning with individual advisory and accompanying services.
  • receive on request a further training offer for themselves and their colleagues.
  • can further their knowledge through workshops on topics of general and subject-related university didactics in the programme of events.
  • are supported and personally advised in the implementation of digital teaching projects and/or new teaching formats.

University employees

  • can further their education through workshops from the event programme, which are related to their field of work and are interdisciplinary.
  • are supported by the Centre for Teaching and Learning through rental of various materials free of charge for internal events.



At the HFT Stuttgart, we see good teaching and all associated measures as a seal of quality and an important feature of our competitiveness and attractiveness for all current and prospective students.

Mirjana Gajic Head of Centre for Teaching and Learning

Highlights from the Centre for Teaching and Learning

Overview of current events and review of the past

Online exercises from the student's point of view

Due to the ongoing Covi-19 pandemic the summer semester 2020 took place exclusively online. Among others, the question emerged, to what extent students are able to use online exercises and understand these as a support for their learning process. To find out students form Computer Science and Mathematics courses at the HFT Stuttgart where asked by questionaire. Main results are published by Prof. Dr. Anselm KnebuschProf. Dr. Ulrike Pado and Brigitte Heintz-Cuscianna in a field report.

Field report
Day of Teaching goes digital

This special year, for the first time, the HFT Stuttgart's Day of Teaching was held online in a very successfull way, 

On 13th May 2020, there was a embraced LIVE PROGRAMME with topics of subject-related university didactics. All digita guests were welcomed by Rector Prof. Rainer Franke and Prorector for Studies and Teaching Prof. Dr. Lutz Gaspers. Followed by a speech by Prof. Dr. Marco Winzker (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences) and two further keynote speaker: Prof. Thorsten Burgmer (TH Köln) and Prof. Dr. Jörg Homberger (HFT Stuttgart).

More than 100 participants followed the LIVE PROGRAMME, demonstrating, that the opportunity to experience the Day of Teaching digitally was very well recognized and highly used.

After the LIVE PROGRAM all participants were able to watch further video contributions, e.g. from external speakers or from HFT students, in our online event room in Moodle until May 27th. The contributions were diligently commented and "liked", During the event participants exchanged actively in all different social media channel about good teaching methods.

Specialized.multifaceted.fascinating. #FutureOfTeaching

13th May 2020
And the winner is

Embedded in the Day of Teaching, Prof. Dr. Jörg Homberger was awarded for his outstanding contribution "IT in Logistics" in the Information Logistics course of studies with the "Teaching Award 2019 of the HFT Stuttgart" by Rector Prof. Rainer Franke.

In his award-winning lecture, the students work on a practice-oriented project combining the teaching content from two courses "Operations Research" and "IT in Logistics". A particular success factor of these courses is the generic substructure of the course. It runs as a common thread through the associated Moodle course and through the students' own textbook. In addition, students are encouraged to participate actively in the design of the course and co-determine the structure of the exam by signing a contract. Students are supported in solving complex practical problems by a web-based e-learning system. Their solutions compete with the solutions of other students. A special incentive for them is offered by the possibility to dispute Professor Homberger's proposed solution at this point, according to the motto "Beat the Prof!

All 14 nominated courses became visible in a poster gallery. The approximately 100 visitors were able to admire many great teaching concepts. Rector Prof. Rainer Franke expressed his thanks, recognition and appreciation to all the nominated professors.

2nd HFT Teaching Award
Day of Teaching

Premiere: The HFT Stuttgart celebrated the Day of Teaching for the first time. Under the motto TEACHING ACTIVE EXPERIENCE there was a great programme for all members of the university and selected external experts. After the opening words of Rector Professor Franke and Prorector Prof. Dr. Gaspers, a keynote speaker followed with a best-practice example to the motto of the day. The event continued with impulse workshops, the festive awarding of the second university teaching prize and a humorous, authentic student contribution. The following 'Get together in Block 4' rounded off a successful day.

26th June 2019
Presentation of the first HFT Teaching Award

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Lutz Dickmann teaches at the HFT Stuttgart in the field of architecture and design and is the winner of the first internal University Teaching Award. During an afternoon event, Rector Prof. Rainer Franke ceremoniously presented the teaching award to Prof. Dickmann and honoured the commitment to good teaching of all teaching award nominees. Part of the Programme was a lecture by Prof. Dr. Martin Lehner (FH Technikum Wien) and a students contribution. A get-together rounded off a successfull award ceremony.

28th June 2017
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