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University Teaching - Professors

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Workshops & Language Courses - Staff

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Extracurricular Studies - Students

HFT Stuttgart's Centre for Teaching and Learning offers to all professors, university employees and students a wide range of various workshops. These offers are divided into three pillars according to target groups:


  • can successfully start at the HFT Stuttgart with the University Teaching qualification as a newly appointed professor.
  • are advised and supported in their teaching activities by the Centre for Teaching and Learning with individual advisory and accompanying services.
  • receive on request a further training offer for themselves and their colleagues.
  • can further their knowledge through workshops on topics of general and subject-related university didactics in the programme of events.
  • are supported and personally advised in the implementation of digital teaching projects and/or new teaching formats.

University employees

  • can further their education through workshops from the event programme, which are related to their field of work and are interdisciplinary.
  • are supported by the Centre for Teaching and Learning through rental of various materials free of charge for internal events.



At the HFT Stuttgart, we see good teaching and all associated measures as a seal of quality and an important feature of our competitiveness and attractiveness for all current and prospective students.

Mirjana Gajic Head of Centre for Teaching and Learning
Name and position Email and phone Room
Leitung Didaktikzentrum +49 711 8926 2639 1/327
Stellvertretende Leitung Didaktikzentrum +49 711 8926 2400 1/338
Assistenz und Veranstaltungsmanagement +49 711 8926 2985 1/328
Hochschuldidaktik +49 711 8926 2329 1/338
Informationslogistik (DigiLab4U) / Didaktikzentrum +49 711 8926 2397 1/338
Überfachliche studentische Angebote +49 711 8926 2396 1/330
Studium Integrale (Organisation) +49 711 8926 2379 1/330
Mathe-Brückenkurs (Organisation) +49 711 8926 2312 1/330
Fremdsprachen +49 711 8926 2979 1/337
Projektleitung VESPA +49 711 8926 2742 1/337