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GEO-Challenge of the course of studies surveying and geoinformatics

The study program presented itself on three days at the Science Festival 2022 of the city of Stuttgart

Are you GEO? Take part in the GEO-Challenge Surveying and Geoinformatics. Compete against state-of-the-art surveying technology. Find out how a digital map is created and how the world is captured in 3D.

On three event days of the science festival, one could compete at the GEO-Challenge stations of the surveying and geoinformatics course.

A pipe was to be set to the exact inclination of 2.5% - without any aids - using only eye measurement and a crank on one side of the pipe. The result was then checked with a digital level to the nearest 10th of a millimeter.

The challenge at the second station was to mark a square with 2.5m sides. Not so easy when you only have a meter stick with a length of 2m as an aid. The sometimes more, sometimes less square result was then checked with millimeter precision and impartially with a scanning total station.

A geo-information system of the city garden with the locations of the trees growing there was the subject of the third challenge. There, the course of a water ditch was to be drawn/planned in such a way that as many trees as possible would be watered and not destroyed by the ditch. In the challenge, the participants could compete to have the geoinformatics software mark as few trees as possible as not irrigated and destroyed.

In all 3 challenges the fight for the best value was worthwhile, because in each challenge there was a total station to build yourself out of plastic bricks to win!

Without the idea of competition, a 4th hands-on station was also offered, where objects could be scanned in 3D with the help of a tablet.

The information and hands-on stand could be found on three event days as part of the Science Festival 2022 of the City of Stuttgart: At the Science Day at the HFT Stuttgart and at the festival "Knowledge Creates Change" of the universities and colleges of the Stuttgart region in the Stadtgarten.

The GEO-Challenge also took place as part of the "Aktionswoche-Geodäsie" - An action week with many events around geodesy, surveying and geoinformatics.

Publish date: 07. June 2022