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Since 2009 lectureship of the company topometric GmbH at the HFT Stuttgart

Since 2009, topometric GmbH has had the privilege of teaching close-range photogrammetry at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. It does a valuable job of integrating the topic of industrial measurement technology and practical experience into the course.

In the course of studies in surveying and geoinformatics, the subject of photogrammetry is dealt with in the 3rd and 4th semesters. In this diverse field of activity, in addition to theoretical basics, multi-layered insights into practical examples and concrete measuring systems are shown.

Using hand-held photogrammetry systems, measuring microscopes, tactile coordinate measuring machines and computer tomographs, future generations will be taught the various working methods.

Evaluation methods, form and position tolerances and MSA analyses will be discussed, and practical demos with the photogrammetry measuring systems TRITOP and ATOS from GOM Metrology will be carried out. The students themselves become practically active during exercises with an inspection software in which target and actual data are compared.

Since topometric GmbH has a close relationship with the university in Stuttgart, it is very happy to get involved here. Numerous final theses have also already been carried out in cooperation with the course. To the company's regret, the topic of "industrial metrology" is only marginally dealt with in apprenticeships and courses of study. Thus, it tries to make a small contribution here to bring this exciting part more into focus. Especially for "classic surveyors", industrial metrology and quality assurance are exciting and varied alternatives to the well-known fields of activity.

Publish date: 21. July 2022 By topometric GmbH & Jörg Hepperle ()