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3D laser scanning as the basis for Mixed Reality (MR)

INSPIRER is a project that aims to use mixed reality applications to make building and urban planning projects more " experienceable" for the general public. 3D laser scanning has now taken place for a pilot project.

Mixed Reality (MR) is a joint visualization of Virtual Reality (VR) together with reality. For example, in construction and urban planning projects, the reality view can be combined together with a planned development. In this way, a future design can be depicted realistically.

In the INSPIRER project, the aim is to make the Mixed Reality method "experienceable" for the broad population in building and urban planning projects. This is intended to stimulate participation in democratic decision-making processes in the field of urban planning. For a pilot project, an intersection in Fellbach has now been digitized in 3D, which is to be converted into a traffic circle.

Users should be able to see an image of the reality together with the planning on their tablet or smartphone display - depending on their point of view - as if they were walking through the planned redesign.

For this to work, the reality must first be digitized in 3D. Employees of the Surveying and Geoinformatics program have therefore extensively surveyed the intersection area with a laser scanner. With the help of the resulting 3D point cloud, tablets and smartphones can then determine their location and the angle of view precisely enough. The LIDAR sensor built into these devices detects 3D structures in their surroundings, then compares them to the 3D point cloud and can then precisely determine the position and viewing direction.

Currently, the laser scan data is being processed in the INSPIRER project and an application is being developed so that people will soon be able to see the traffic circle - the future - in the existing intersection area using their own tablet or smartphone.

Publish date: 01. March 2023