BDB-Preisverleihung 2024 an HFT Absolventin im Bachelor Vermessung und Geoinformatik

Best thesis honoured

Lisa Dietz receives the BDB Prize

Lisa Dietz was awarded the €500 BDB prize for her outstanding Bachelor's thesis in the Surveying and Geoinformatics degree programme. In her thesis, she developed a workflow for the Heilbronn District Office for the construction and use of a UAV test field, which she realised in an area in the district of Heilbronn and examined for applicability and accuracy.

Ms. Dietz came into contact with the Heilbronn District Office early on. After completing her training as a surveying technician there, she went on to study for a Bachelor's degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics at HFT Stuttgart. Through an educational contract with the district administration office - similar to a dual study program - she was able to gain valuable practical experience in addition to her studies and received financial support.

During this time, she developed the task for her award-winning bachelor's thesis on "Investigations into the establishment and use of a UAV test field in the district of Heilbronn". In addition to the increasing areas of application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in engineering surveying in the Heilbronn district, the demands on the quality and accuracy of the surveys are also growing. Analogous to the quality inspection of classic surveying instruments, a procedure is needed to check the system accuracy of the UAVs used, including the planning and evaluation software used.

Ms. Dietz therefore developed a test field for checking the UAV systems used in the district office. This will make it possible in future to check and guarantee the high quality of surveying using UAVs.

The chairman of the BDB-Baden-Württemberg, Benjamin Sattes, praised the result and the excellent preparation of this Bachelor's thesis. He presented Ms. Dietz with the award in the presence of her supervisors Prof. Eberhard Gülch and Tobias Fischer (LRA Heilbronn), as well as the Vice Dean of Faculty C Prof. Hardy Lehmkühler.


Publish date: 13. June 2024 By Jörg Hepperle ()