University Award "Rocky"

Overall Winner: Founder team GEOPOL Tech brings this prize to HFT Stuttgart

90 seconds that decide everything: Five teams from HFT Stuttgart presented their ideas at the Academic Seed Accelerator Program Baden-Württemberg Finale #10 (ASAP BW) - two won prizes, one was named "Overall Winner". Our teams thus excelled against 20 others who were also in the running.

GEOPOL Tech gets the "Rocky

ASAP BW is a digital start-up program and competition for students and alumni from all over Baden-Württemberg. In the biannual finals, teams of founders present their ideas in 90 seconds. Afterwards, the audience and jury decide who receives prize money of up to 1,000 euros and further funding in other programs. The most coveted prize of all is the "Rocky" university award. It is awarded to the university whose team has performed best in all categories. This year, "Rocky" goes to HFT Stuttgart. The start-up GEOPOL Tech was chosen as the "Overall winner". The idea of their start-up: an environmentally friendly and resource-saving building material alternative based on geopolymer technology. The team was accompanied and coached by Elena Schön, innovation manager and start-up coach at HFT's PLAN G start-up center.

Originally, the team did not study at HFT Stuttgart at all - they came to HFT because of their technical expertise in the field of building physics. It was supported by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bögner-Balz and Ute Dettmann from the Laboratory for Construction Chemistry.

The founder award "Rocky" of the "Academic Seed Accelerator Program Baden-Württemberg" (ASAP BW) is much more than just an award! It honors creative visions that pave the way to a climate-competent, sustainable future. This year, 'Rocky' shines above our HFT Stuttgart! We congratulate our founding team GEOPOL Tech very warmly on their victory and their brilliant idea of an environmentally friendly alternative building material! Let's go to the state finals Start-up BW Elevator Pitch in 2024!

[Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Prof. Dr. Katja Rade, HFT Stuttgart

"Rocky" shines as if it were made of gold. But this is (unfortunately!) not the case: "Rocky" was produced by a former ASAP BW team using the 3D printing process. The start-up Personomic produces custom-made bicycle grips. For the competition, "Rocky" was created by them exclusively from extra-light filament.


ASAP BW is a state-wide digital start-up program in which students and alumni from all over Baden-Württemberg can develop their ideas into a business model. Every six months, the ASAP BW finals are held at the end of each round, where the best teams from all universities throughout Baden-Württemberg can pitch their start-up ideas in 90 seconds. In doing so, they have the chance to win prizes and network with partners who offer further funding programs. The winners of the ASAP BW finals will also move on to the finals of the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch competition. ASAP BW is an offer of the Gründermotor.

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Publish date: 31. July 2023 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder (), Christine Kraus ()