Five HFT Teams and two winners

in the finals of the state competition ASAP BW

The ASAP BW final is a university competition in which the best teams from Baden-Württemberg pitch their start-up ideas in 90 seconds. The teams have the opportunity to present their concepts on a virtual stage and win prizes and places in further funding programmes.

Five teams from the HFT Stuttgart participated in the July 2023 finals:

GEOPOLtech The team is developing an environmentally friendly and resource-saving building material alternative based on geopolymer technology. They focus on local raw material utilization and recycling management by processing construction waste into building materials (tiles, bricks, screed, plaster, etc).
Team: Simon Wuttig (B.A. International Business Administration, DHBW Stuttgart), June Gschwander (Dipl. Industrie-Designer, sabk Stuttgart) and Christian Semmler (M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Stuttgart)
Start-up Coach: Elena Schön

JOIN The app aims to motivate successful collaboration and meetings in "real life" with modern & innovative teambuilding. Cross-departmental networking is a priority here, so the app is aimed primarily at larger companies with 100 or more employees.
Team: Dorothea Gugenhan (M.A. Architecture, HFT Stuttgart) and Hanna Fraunholz (M.A. Architecture, HFT Stuttgart) and Florian Herker (B.Eng. Mechatronics, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)
Start-up Coach: Marco Di Giacomo

Studio Minzi - Bildfläche The Bildfläche is an innovative and sustainable picture frame. The novel construction principle was developed by Sophia Hälterlein. Studio Minzi offers picture frames, matching wall mirrors and risography prints - to make your four walls more beautiful.
Team: Sophia Hälterlein (Interior Designer, HFT Stuttgart)
Start-up Coach: Christine Kraus

GreenLog The start-up offers an ESG-compliant, cost-effective, holistic, automated and transparent solution tailored to SMEs in the form of a customized CO2 - calculation. Currently they offer this solution manually via Excel evaluations, but in the future an efficient software solution will support the SMEs. In addition, they want to be available for consulting and to work out individual measures for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Team: Marius Vrede (M.Sc. Environmental Logistics, HFT Stuttgart), Laura Bürgel (M.Sc. Environmental Logistics, HFT Stuttgart)
Start-up Coach: Elena Schön

People Places This start-up is about creating spaces that are participatory and multifunctional. They are meant to foster social connections and provide a comfortable environment where people can come together, interact and participate in various activities. The focus should not be on the consumption of goods or services. The focus is on community and social exchange.
Team: Timothy Fuller (M.Eng. Smart City Solutions)
Start-up Coach: Marion Riedel


In the award ceremony, two of our HFT teams really cleaned up:

JOIN was chosen as the audience's favorite and GEOPOLtech even won the main prize! The team receives a whopping € 1,000 cash prize and a place in the preliminary round of the Start-up BW Elevator Pitch.

We are not only happy for our teams, who delivered high-quality pitches in the participation as well as won great prizes. We are also happy for us as a university, as we get to bring the first ASAP BW Rocky to us. None of this would be possible without our great teams!

If you missed the event and want to watch the pitches, you can find the whole event on YouTube. The pitch of JOIN can be seen from minute 57, GEOPOLtech pitches from minute 48. Have fun watching!

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Publish date: 20. July 2023 By Christine Kraus ()