Start-up radar 2022: HFT among the top 5 universities

HFT scores very well in the Stifterverband's start-up radar

The Gründungsradar, an initiative of Stifterverband, now compares and evaluates the start-up culture at German universities for the sixth time. The HFT was able to improve greatly with the PLAN G start-up centre and has risen in the ranking.

A distinction is made between small (< 5,000 students), medium (5,000-15,000 students) and large (>15,000 students) universities, with HFT Stuttgart being assigned to the small universities. A total of 236 universities participated, 64 in the category of small universities.

The HFT is among the top 5 small universities that have improved the most. The HFT was able to further improve its ranking in the top third, especially in the categories of start-up anchoring, start-up qualification and start-up support. In the overall ranking, it did well in the top half.

We are very pleased about the great rating in the Gründungsradar 2022. This shows us that we have been able to establish our start-up center PLAN G well at the HFT and that we are doing valuable work for the students. In the long term, we would like to firmly establish the promotion of start-up activities at HFT.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Planing,
Head of the PLAN G start-up center

With PLAN G, start-up activities at HFT have been bundled and specifically promoted since mid-2020. There are numerous events throughout the semester to which interested parties are cordially invited. On 31.3. the proven incubator format STARTPLAN starts, in which a start-up is developed in 8 weeks.

There are also offers during the semester break, such as MORGENWERKSTADT, where participants learn to develop innovative ideas for the city of the future in 2 days using methods from design thinking.

You would also like to found?

Then go to STARTPLAN #5

The fifth round of the STARTPLAN format will begin on March 31, 2023. Registration is now open for students, researchers and employees. Whether you already have an idea is of secondary importance, what counts is your motivation!

You are also interested in the topics start-up and foundation?

Here you can book an appointment with one of PLAN G's coaches and receive individual information on the topics of idea generation, first steps of implementation, as well as funding opportunities and scholarships. No matter if you have an idea or not – you can ask all of your questions here. More information on the homepage or via our social media channels.

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Publish date: 27. February 2023 By Christine Kraus ()