HFT start-up Cepha Systems releases first product version

CAD is now even easier thanks to the new scanning technology

The construction tool CeConstructor is now available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The founders report on their path to success and share their experiences.

The Cepha Systems team consists of three people: Marcel Grießhaber and Hannes Plott are master graduates of the HFT Stuttgart in the field of surveying and photogrammetry. Adrian Schäffler is a Master's graduate from the University of Hohenheim in the field of economics and innovation management.

They received active professorial support from Prof. Eberhard Gülch.

1. What problem does your start-up solve?

Cepha Systems' construction tool is changing the way CAD is handled with its simplicity and speed. The strength of CeConstructor, which we developed, lies in its direct interaction with the object, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming process of editing scanned data such as point clouds and meshes. As the perfect complement to the 3D printer, CeConstructor offers a seamless design process with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

2. How did the idea and concept come about?

We started working on the idea as part of an HFT thesis. The further development then took place together with the PLAN G team and the start-up network in 2021/22.

Together we received the approval for an EXIST-Gründerstipendium at the beginning of 2022 and were able to found our own company Cepha Systems. The developed product with proprietary software is now available for the first time via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. We want to gain more knowledge about our market here, so that we can then continue to work on the system and sales.

3. What were your biggest hurdles on the way to the foundation?

There were no real hurdles for us. The formal application for funding may be a bit strenuous, but in retrospect the effort is definitely worth it. As a founder, you should always be prepared to question the goals you have set for your start-up and adjust them if necessary.

Believe in the realization of your business idea!

Adrian Schäffler, founder of Cepha Systems

4. What would you do differently in retrospect during the start-up phase?

We wouldn't really do anything fundamentally different. In retrospect, perhaps we could have dared to publish our product idea even more or earlier.

5. How did the HFT support you during the start-up?

The HFT has always supported and accompanied us on our way through the PLAN G network and the mentoring by Professor Gülch. This made it possible for us to fully concentrate on our product and business development. At the same time, we were able to expand our own contacts in the network and thus also help other founders.

6. What is your top tip for future founders?

Basically: Believe in the realization of your business idea!

It is important to make contact with potential customers as early as possible and to ask them directly about their willingness to pay prices at the beginning. This will enable you to work more effectively on your business model.

7. How to support you currently?

We are very much looking forward to your visit or support of our Kickstarter campaign for our construction tool CeConstructor.

Of course, you are welcome to share this campaign. If you have any questions about our product, we will be happy to answer them personally.

You can reach the Cepha Systems team via email at contact(at)cepha-systems.de.

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Elena Schön
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