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were happy about a scholarship

More important for me than monetary support is the possibility of expanding my professional network. The scholarship party offered me an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other scholarship holders and sponsors. Besides interesting contacts, I was able to gain an insight into the career opportunities of the funding companies.

Stipendiat der HFT Stuttgart [Image: Matthias Kromer]
Matthias Kromer,
International Project Management

For me, the scholarship is a confirmation that a company accepts me and supports me in a phase of my life where I need help. Therefore, I will always remain connected to this company and keep in touch with it.

Stipendiat der HFT Stuttgart [Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Habtegebriel Kifle,
Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau

Viva México

A semester abroad... yes or no... dare to do it or just study at your home university? Aniko Olah, student of the Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology and scholarship holder of the Gips-Schüle-Foundation, could answer this question with a clear YES.

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Stipendiatin Aniko Olah in Mexico

Alumni scholarship holders of the HFT Stuttgart

"Apply now!"

Markus Eiberger was one of the first German scholarship holders at the HFT Stuttgart in 2011. He was sponsored by Drees & Sommer Infra Consult und Entwicklungsmanagement GmbH, where he took up a position after his studies and continues to work today.

Ehemaliger Stipendiat und heutiger Förderer der HFT Stuttgart

"I want to give something back"

35 years, three children, master stonemason and stone sculptor - Marco Tornarolli could not exactly be described as a classic first-year student when he began his studies in building physics at the HFT Stuttgart in the winter semester 2011/2012.

Ehemaliger Stipendiat und heutiger Förderer der HFT Stuttgart

As a former scholarship holder, I can only recommend that every student and company take advantage of this valuable form of networking. I myself am now employed by my former sponsor and am very grateful for all the experience I have gained in over four years of working together in a team that I would not have met without the scholarship.

Stipendiatin der HFT Stuttgart [Image: HFT Stuttgart]
Johanna Hamacher,
SCHATZ projectbau GmbH
+49 711 8926 2894